what is tarot goddess?

Tarot Goddess is a website offering free tarot readings, oracle readings, horoscopes, and more. TarotGoddess.com is intended to be a celebration of inspiration, personal empowerment, beauty, and most of all, tarot.

Tarot Goddess is intended to always remain free to users. It is supported through advertising and app, books, and merchandise sales.

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about tarot and oracle readings

At Tarot Goddess, we consider tarot and oracle readings tools of empowerment. Our philosophy: No reading—and the advice arising from it—is ever set in stone. The reading only serves to represent the likely outcome if the querant continues as they have without changing his or her behavior. We always possess free will: if the outcome presented in a reading is not desired, the querent can make a concerted effort to change, thus shifting their fate.

The tarot has been used for many years by people striving to better understand their life journey. The same goes for oracles, which bear the double duty of being the message as well as the vehicle to communicate this wisdom. Whichever definition you prefer, the function of an oracle or tarot reading remains the same: they offer information. They also provide us with an experience of synchronicity, a term coined by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to describe a series of seemingly random events that are interpreted as a whole for greater meaning. Our personal experiences serve to frame these events, thus releasing information we already possess deep within our psyche.

Occasionally a tarot or oracle reading will turn up a blank card. Consider this card a sign that the area under examination is in flux. Are there unresolved issues that require addressing?

Finally, in the case of questions regarding physical illness, and financial or legal issues, please remember that there’s no substitute for consulting a licenced professional.

your readings and privacy

Rest assured your readings are kept private on TarotGoddess.com. They are never stored on our servers, where they could be accessed by outside parties. In addition, we never share your data.

the art and text on tarot goddess

Individual tarot decks, art, and text are copyright under the names of the respective authors and artists. They may not be reproduced without express written permission. All rights are reserved. Like the art? Consider purchasing prints, posters, and more featuring the art from this site.

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E-mail your questions or comments to admin [at] tarotgoddess dot com. Please note we cannot comment on individual readings.

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All tarot and oracle readings are for entertainment only. In the case of questions regarding physical illness, and financial or legal issues, please remember there’s no substitute for consulting an appropriate professional.