about tarot and oracle readings

At Tarot Goddess, we consider tarot and oracle readings tools of empowerment. The tarot has been used for many years by people striving to better understand their life journey. The same goes for oracles, which bear the double duty of being the message as well as the vehicle of communication.

our tarot reading philosophy


We believe that no reading is ever set in stone. That a reading is a reflection of the moment, representing the likely outcome if you continue as you have without changing your behavior. Ultimately, you always possess free will: if the outcome presented in a tarot or oracle reading is not what you want, you can make a concerted effort to change and shift fate.

We believe tarot readings provide us with an experience of synchronicity, a term coined by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to describe a series of seemingly random events that are interpreted as a whole for greater meaning.

We believe it's important to craft your questions carefully for your reading. Our experiences have shown a frivolous question will usually invite a frivolous response. Occasionally a tarot or oracle reading will turn up a blank card. Consider this card a sign that the area under examination is in flux. Are there unresolved issues that require addressing?

We'll be the first to admit that an online reading isn't the same as a reading given in person by a skilled practioner. Regardless, we hope the offerings on Tarot Goddess will bring you wisdom, peace, and guidance. Please know the content on this site was lovingly created in the hope it might inspire your life in a positive manner.

Finally, in the case of questions regarding physical illness, and financial or legal issues, remember that there's no substitute for consulting a licensed professional. In other words, don't fool around with stuff that shouldn't be fooled around with.